Our Safeguarding Commitment
ReachOut2All CIC is a registered community interest company (company number 11910107) that strives to empower young people and equip them with life skills. ReachOut2All is committed to the safety and protection of all young people and others involved in our work or projects.
ReachOut2All works with schools, colleges and youth groups throughout the UK & Globally. Much of our delivery to these organisations does not involve us being directly responsible for any young people as there is a supervisor from the partnering organisation in the session. In these instances we always adhere to the guidelines set by our partner.
ReachOut2All also has a group of Youth Ambassadors, currently the Ambassadors are all aged 16+. ReachOut2All has responsibility for these young people in their ambassadorial role. Given our Ambassadors are based up and down the country, all of our interactions with these young people is online and in person. This enables us to keep a record of each interaction.
The welfare of young people and others involved in ReachOut2All is paramount. Everyone, regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation has the right to protection from abuse. Therefore, all suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.
As a community interest company who’s mission is founded on the importance of diversity, we recognise that some people may require additional support, for example with communication or the impact of discrimination. To protect even the most vulnerable of people we have a safeguarding culture where employees, volunteers and young people know how they are expected to behave and feel comfortable about sharing concerns.
All employees and volunteers will be given details of the safeguarding policy and procedures as part of their induction and encouraged to report and concerns to the designated safeguarding officer. All relevant policy and procedure will also be made available to all employees and volunteers, and for the scrutiny of teachers, learning providers, parents / guardians and all of ReachOut2All audiences.
ReachOut2All was birth in 2013, we facilitate for young people to host workshops on topics.



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