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We provide mentoring for young people in a flexible approach through our drop ins using whatsapp, social media, zoom and in person 1:1 support. As well as heavy signposting services to further guide young people.

Training Programme (Train The Trainer)

Our unique train the trainer workshop programme has been co-created by young people based on topics that are of interest to them. This programme equips young people with life skills for employment or academics.


We deliver enrichment events for young people to attend during school break, explore places such as Sky Academy Studios, Youtube HQ & House of Parliament to name a few.

Training Programmes

Training Overview

Reachout2all has had the privilege of training young people through our various workshops. Now we would like to develop on a larger scale through the use of surveys, youth consultations and pilot studies. This ‘train the trainer’ approach has been co-created with young people as we want to ensure their voices are being implemented every step of the way. It is important for young people to be equipped with essential life skills and resources. Through our engagement with young people, we are able to amplify their voices and value their feedback and approach towards the change they desire to see.
Our USPs are:
  • Youth led training programme
  • Concise training programme delivered in 30 mins
  • Equipping young people with life skills
  • Flexible training programme
Our training is aimed at young people from all backgrounds as we believe every young person deserves to have access to our life skills services. Our training programme will support other organisations, corporates and young people to develop their skills. The programme focuses on two main sectors:
Public Speaking and Personal Development.
We also provide flexible mix and match programmes on topics chosen by young people, listed below.
  1. Mental health
  2. Resilience
  3. Self-awareness
  4. Importance of mentoring
  5. Importance of signposting
  6. Educational pathways
  7. Financial Literacy
  8. Goals setting 

Training Learning Outcomes

Equip young people with:
  • Important life skills
  • Increased awareness
  • Knowledge

Training Content Overview

The training is separated into two main sectors that will support young people in developing important life skills:
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Development.

Public Speaking Training Content

Develop public speaking skills, effective planning strategies for your campaign and learn how to influence decision makers, work and media.

Public Speaking Training Content:

What is public speaking?
Why is public speaking important?
What is effective public speaking?
Benefits of public speaking?
How can you improve your public speaking?

Personal Development Training Content

Mental Health & Wellbeing:

  1. What is mental health?
  2. What does mental health mean to you? (understanding young people’s mental health)
  3. Mental health signs
  4. Mental health stigma
  5. How to boost your own mental health (promote positive mental health)
  6. Taking care of your mental health
  7. Mental health support for you (practical support & services)


  1. What is resilience?
  2. Building resilience
  3. Importance of resilience
  4. Promoting resilience
  5. Brainstorming your approach towards resilience


  1. What is self – awareness?
  2. Why is self – awareness important?
  3. Self-awareness theory
  4. How can self-awareness be applied

Importance of mentoring:

  1. What is mentoring?
  2. Mentoring stages
  3. Qualities of a good mentor
  4. Roles of a mentor
  5. Goals and mentoring
  6. Benefits of mentoring

Importance of signposting:

  1. What is signposting?
  2. Why is signposting important?
  3. How to signpost young people?

Educational pathways:

  1. Apprenticeship
  2. A Levels/College
  3. University
  4. Employment
ReachOut2All was birth in 2013, we facilitate for young people to host workshops on topics.



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